Storage Tips

Renting a storage unit can be easier when you keep a few essential things in mind and get the right questions answered. When you decide to rent at Empire Self Storage ask yourself these very important questions.

One of the best things to do before you rent a storage unit is to go through your things and purge what you no longer want or need. It doesn’t make sense to pay extra for storage you don’t need if you can free up some room by donating, selling or disposing of these items.

Once you’ve inventoried your belongings, and are ready to rent a storage unit, be sure to secure the right size. Too small and you could be jeopardizing your belongings by having to stuff them in. Too large and you’ll be wasting your hard earned money.

It’s pretty common to need short-term storage when you move, especially if it’s a long distance move. Trying to coordinate moving out of your current home and timing it just so that you can drive right up to your new home and start unloading is not easy to do. It’s likely you will need to store some things for a brief period of time until you are able to access your new home. The storage you need while moving , is not the same storage you will need for some extra space. If you aren’t moving, and you just need some extra storage space, then you’ll definitely want to focus on a storage facility that is conveniently located to your current home.

If that’s the case you may want to store pool equipment, patio furniture and summer items during the winter and store your snow blower, snowmobile and winter items during the summer. Make sure you consider everything you’re going to be storing when deciding on which storage unit to rent.

Not all facilities grant access around the clock. If you’ll need access to your storage unit at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday, make sure you’ll be able to get in!

Security will be very important depending on whether you are moving or just need temporary mini-storage.

No matter what the question or answer, we are here to help you make the best decision. Give Traverse Self Storage a call today!